Vacation Rentals

Fully furnished cottages, houses and apartments for short term rentals. These accommodations can be rented by the weekend (two night minimum, three night minimum for holidays), week or month. Currently, these can be viewed on the web sites: and These web sites will show availability, allow booking the reservation and payment with credit card. Please feel free to contact Pat Haynes, if you have any questions. Pat is the owner/broker for all our resort rentals.

Complimentary Amenities Include

The Old Dary Community Center

46 Old Dairy Rd. Warm Springs VA 24484

Just 5 minutes away in Warm Springs! What was once the center of dairy production for The Homestead is now a celebrated gathering spot. The line between business and pleasure is difficult to distinguish at The Old Dairy. Two silos that once stored grain and feed have been converted to modern conference rooms. Just steps from the swimming pool (open Memorial Day - Labor Day), game room and dance hall. In addition, there are men’s and women’s locker rooms, fitness center, hot tub and sauna. This is a private facility. Access is provided because the owner of your vacation rental is a member. The code for the lock boxes is in each rental unit.

The Milk House Market is also at this location. It offers an upscale gourmet grocery. Visitors will find a thoughtfully curated specialty grocery store and delicatessen offering handpicked essential pantry staples needed to make truly delicious meals in the comfort of your own kitchen. The shop offers regional and national items ranging from cheeses, meats, chocolates and baked goods, as well as house-made sandwiches, salads and prepared foods.

Long Term Rentals

Unfurnished apartments and houses for long term rentals can be rented with one year, six month, or month to month terms. Depending on the property, tenets may be responsible for all utilities.